Men Over 50 Discover The Secrets To The Best Sex Ever Without Drugs

Happy New Year,
Lets get the show going and talk about Sex,it’s fun and with the right person safe.Great way to get in shape,a real fun workout,lets call it healthy weight loss for men.
So your a guy around 50 and things just aren’t happening like they used to,the brain says yes and your body is saying maybe?Drugs are a choice,maybe Viagra or any of the other stimulants to get you going, charged up for the moment,they will work but at what cost?Now we want the Passion in our sex life and we don’t want to poison our body with all the unknowns drugs have so what does a guy do?

How about trying Herbs for boosting Libdo?

Why not?Been working well for centuries in the orient,long before Viagra and the rest of them.
Here’s a few that has been getting some press.

  • Ashwagandha Root: sometimes named Winter Cherry is the main Ayurvedic tonic used in South Asia to promote Passion and Physical pleasure.Unlike ginseng,which has a similar reputation,this relative of tomatoes and potatoes is not stimulating but rather relaxing.This allows for much higher doses without over stimulating.
  • Kapi kacku (Mucuna pruriens):This seed is popular in India,where it is a constituent of more than 200 indigenous herbal formations.Kapi kachu has recently been getting attention for increasing Libido,the Kapi kachu seed is considered to be one of the best tonics for increasing Libido and erectile Funtcion.
  • Gokshura (Tribulua terrestris):In 2008 a Singapore study showed that gokshura produced signification increases in several major sex hormones.

Your passion is likey to change over time but using the right supplemants and herbs will still keep you in the mood and make it able for you to do something about it,remeber exercise, and proper diet, along with plenty of rest, will also contribute to a more active sex life along with a over all healthy life style.
Hope this helps until next time….

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